2004 Puppy Photos

Last Updated: 10/15/04

The proud parents: Gypsy and Egil (click here to see a QuickTime 5 video of Egil)


9 puppies (6 males and 3 females) were born at 3am, Aug 7 2004


3 day old females out of Gypsy (X Egil)


3 day old black males out of Gypsy (X Egil)


3 day old white males out of Gypsy (X Egil)

8/11/04 Gypsy and Pups

8/11/04 Chloe has 10 pups out of Egil! .... 19 puppies on the ground!


8/15/04 only 8 of Chloe's 10 pups.... whoops missed a couple



well.... we have been a little busier than planned so all you get for now is one huge (10MB) Quicktime 5 video of Gypsy's pups


I think this puppy video sums up what is going on around here right now... I think its under 1MB and it should be Quicktime 3 (on up) compatible, which means if the other videos didn't work, this one might... it is just too funny.


Gypsy's litter was better than Chloe's, overall, and the boys in general were nicer than the girls (although I liked all 3 of Gypsy's because they were pretty big for girls, but Chloe's are pretty small) Anyway, here are some of my favorites:

'little 'Shadow' pup has a lot of his father's spark in him... same confident personality for sure... hard bodied and well put together, and just that ultra-friendly, always-with-you type of pup. He's fearless. He's got his dad's feet and that white ringed, black breast plate marking, but his coat is lighter.


'Villain', the biggest of Gypsy's 3 black boys.



'Blue Ruin' (aka 'Blue') and 'Thief'... 2 of the 3 girls, out of Gypsy

...here's two of Chloe's boys, the white one is 'Outlaw':


...and two more boys:



....to see Gypsy and Chloe when they themselves were puppies, check out our other Puppy Page on our 2001 litter.


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