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Our 2004 puppies out of Gypsy and Egil are here!

Our first litter of 9, out of Gypsy, arrived August 7. Chloe (Gypsy's sister) is also due with puppies from from Egil as well, and she due on the 13th with what looks to be another large litter ...more


Third Place in Siberia

Rob Valli finishes third in The Kamchadal International Sled Dog Race, an IFSS World Cup event, which took place on the Kamchatka Peninsula, on Russia's eastern Siberian frontier, March 25-28, 2004 ...more



May 30th, 2003 - Puppies are here!

Click here to see the 2003 puppy photo album and read about the birth of both of our 2003 litters.


Puppies, Puppies, and More Puppies!

Check out our 2001 puppy photo album and see how fast these 10 little dogs are grew into our main team! (Pictures from when they were just minutes old, until they were about 17 weeks.)

The Today Show

Check out The Today Show Photo Album and see more pictures and a Quicktime video of our interview with Katie Matt and Al on The Today Show on the morning of the last day of the Olympics 2002



Wild Dog Mushing Company takes hosts Art Mann and Brook Burke dog sledding on E! TV's 'Wild On Sundance' television special. See images from the interview as well as the QuickTime movie clip in the E! Photo album.

Old Photos

Most of the pictures in the Old Photo Album are pretty old but I just can't bear to delete them... lots of dogs that aren't here anymore for one reason or another.

Other Albums:

The New Dog Truck - 2003 HD 2500 Dodge Ram Quad Cab long bed with the diesel Cummins High Output... add to that a new flatbed and a custom dog hauler by Seamus Walsh, you got one killer dog truck


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