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Standing at stud in PA (or shipped frozen): Terry and Buddy Streeper's 'Egil'

Egil's record:

- '04 Winning Anchorage Fur Rondy Championship Team
- '04 Winning Atta Boy 300 Stage Race Team
- '04 Winning Wyoming Stage Stop Team
- 2003 Winning Laconia World Championship Team
- 2003 Winning Open North American Team
- 2003 Winning Yellowknife Canadian Championship
- 2004 Open North American Championship Team (day 3 record)


Chewy (2001) looks like his father Yogi and runs swing. Chewy is the smallest male in his litter.




This is Ginger (2001), my main race leader. She has run every heat in every race for the last 2 seasons, including all 6 heats at Kamchadal. Ginger is also the mother of one of our 2003 litters out of Bruce.



This is Gypsy (2001). At 52 lbs, she is the largest of my females. She ran lead this year in training, the second day at Ashton, and all 6 heats at Kamchadal. She is the fastest of all my dogs



Chloe (2001) runs swing.... a very quiet and fast little dog




Bear (2001), at 63lbs, is simply the larger version of his brother, Chewy. At times they are difficult for even me to tell apart. Bear is my hardest pulling dogs and I usually run him in right wheel position.



Jack (2001) is the largest of the males in the kennel at around 65lbs. He runs wheel or sub-wheel.




Mugsy (2001) is a main wheel dog.... this dog is tough as nails.




This is Runt (2001)... you guessed it, the 'runt' of her litter at 45lbs, a leader, and the mother of one of our 2003 litters out of Bruce. Runt got injured one week before Kamchadal and stayed home.

















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