For Sale: 14/16 hole dog box for flatbed.

...lowered to $4k for just the hauler, 6 extra aluminum doors, and 4" exhaust stack. (truck was sold)

I dropped the price to $4k... so if you want to have it shipped out West from PA (via freight shipper) the total cost will be cheaper than any other alternative for a box of the same quality and construction that you could get. Click on the pictures here: see bigger pictures.

- only used a season and a half
- built by master wooden boat builder, Seamus Walsh
- has 3 small drain plugs for each box for drainage.
- shelves in rear door carry all sorts of small stuff.
- 2 exterior storage cabinets with little hooks for hanging harnesses, hooks, and lines
- all wood/signboard, screwed and glued... no 2X4 frame makes it a light, but strong box
- aluminum trim
- stainless steel floor
- upper rear dog compartments are made into "bucket shelves" with steel floors, but could easily be converted to dog holes if you need more space. The 1st column of boxes (closest to the cab) are extra deep and share a center wall so you can carry 3 dogs in each (allowing you to carry 32 comfortably) but with more access to storage in the rear of the truck. This was a well thought out box and it was nice to work out of on a daily basis.

....And if you don't need it, please pass this info around to your friends by email because I have absolutely no need for it now and it is sitting in a warehouse doing nothing. If you have questions, LMK.

Take care and be safe,
Rob Valli




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