UPDATE 3/25/05: After 5 years of servicing the Park City area, Wild Dog Mushing HAS CLOSED it's touring operation. We would like to thank all the hotels, businesses, and individuals who have helped us over the years.


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1.) Standard Tour

(75 rides available total for the season)

Duration: about 45min to 1+ hour in the sled, depending on snow conditions and route. (Allow 2+ hours total.)

Ride description: This thrilling ride offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and the high Uintas... a ride that will get your heart pumping!

Cost: $350 per sled. 2 guests per sled.

For reservations: CLOSED


2.) Ride with the Race Dogs

(ONLY 10 rides available all season)


Duration: from 45 minutes, up to 4 hours in the sled, depending on snow conditions and route, and the client's desires.

Ride description: Have you ever driven a race car around a track? Ever flown in a fighter jet beyond the speed of sound? If so, and you ever wanted to ride along with a large, young fresh dog team, and REALLY see what it's like to run with the big dogs, we have the right trip for you! Only 10 rides are available this year and will be offered between races by Rob Valli, with his main race team.

Cost: $500-1000 per sled. For your own safety, 1 guest per sled, 1 ride per day.

For reservations: CLOSED

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

how many people can you take out at once?

Two full size adults can fit comfortably in our 10' basket sleds, however, at this time we can only take one sled out at a time, unless arrangements are made well in advance, or during peak times, for example, during New Year's holiday. During this period we should be able to take out groups of 8 or more.

How many dogs do you take out at once?

Depending on trail conditions, we normally run 8-12 high powered Alaskan Husky racing dogs at a time. These dogs are NOT your standard touring dogs..... think fast and young! If you go out with the main race team, we will most likely run between 12 and 16 dogs.


Where do I get picked up/ dropped off? How do I get there?

It is the clients responsibility to arrange transportation. Enterprise will drop a car off at your room if you need to rent a car... if you need a taxi, one can be arranged for you at an additional cost. If you are riding with the main race team, door to door transportation can be provided for an additional charge.


What should I wear?

Dress as if you were going skiing or any other winter activity. Warm gloves, hats, boots, long underwear, goggles (or protective glasses) and an insulated jacket are essential to your enjoyment and safety.

What should I bring?

You should bring a good attitude and a camera:) As long as you are properly dressed, there is very little you need to bring on the ride itself. If you like, you can leave extra gear in the truck, but there is no need to bring even a small purse or backpack on the trip.

Is dog sledding dangerous?

Yes. Dog sledding is dangerous. Generally speaking, dog sledding is a safe sport. However, it still remains an inherently dangerous sport. Even when the best preventative measures are taken, incidents can occur which can cause harm and even death to the driver, clients and/or the dogs. People with health concerns, women who are pregnant, people with bad backs, etc. should consult their doctors and Wild Dog Mushing Company prior to booking a ride. All participants MUST sign and complete a 'PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT, RELEASE, AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISK' form before participating in any activities coordinated by Wild Dog Mushing Company.

Can minors participate?

Basically at this time we are not accepting children under 8 years of age. All minors must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian to and from the activity site and the parent or guardian MUST sign and complete a 'PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT, RELEASE, AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISK' on behalf of the minor... AND accompanied them on the ride itself. Hopefully in the future we may find trails which are more suitable for younger kids, but at present, we cannot accommodate very small children, unless it is worked out ahead of time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, traveler's checks and personal check, VISA and MasterCard. Payment in full is required to reserve a ride.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Advance payment, in full, is required to reserve the proposed dates. This payment is non refundable unless a given ride is canceled by Wild Dog Mushing Company (which Wild Dog Mushing Company can do for any reason, at any time.) If Wild Dog Mushing Company cancels a given ride, the Client will be refunded the purchase price for each ride canceled. This is the only refund/reparation the Client will receive and is entitled to for the cancellation of a ride. Under no circumstances is the Client entitled to a refund or credit if Wild Dog Mushing Company does not cancel a ride.

- guests must arrive at departure site no later than 1/2 hour before the given departure time. If guests are still not ready to depart 1/2 after the given departure time, the sled will termed a ‘no show’ and no refund will be given and the sled will not go out.

- EVERY guest must understand and sign a liability release waiver.

- no children under 8 years of age/ all minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.




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