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(Frozen) 'Bruce' Sperm for Sale


- for sale: frozen breeding units (guaranteed viable upon thaw) of Charlie Champaine's Bruce '77 (father of Charlie and Roxy's 'Pluto', grandfather to Swingley's 'Elmer', and others)

- cost: $500 (plus shipping and all other expenses) per breeding unit

- Bruce's pedigree (.pdf format)

-NOTE - the semen is hypothetically viable indefinitely if stored properly, and for this reason, shipping is quite expensive... basically a 'dry shipper' needs to be prepared with liquid nitrogen (~cost= $120) then it needs to be FedExed along with the sperm to your vet .... then the shipper needs to be fedexed back to us at your expense. (I dont know how much these two shipping because they vary depending on your location).... then you need to do testing on the female to find out exact time when she is ready to accept the sperm.... that may take a series of tests, every other day or so to pinpoint.... then when the female is ready, they need to do a surgical implant (not vaginal) and that can cost about $150 .... so you are basically looking at a cost of about $1k (or less), including the sperm, to have the *opportunity* to have a single bred female. Please note that I am not guaranteeing success.... the only thing I will guarantee is that upon thaw, you will have enough viable sperm to impregnate a female.... whether or not they develop into healthy pups, is unknown and NOT guaranteed, but surgical A.I. procedures are up to 95% effective, compared to ~78% for a natural breeding.

- to see our puppies out of Bruce, click here

- contact us for more information.

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