Eagle Pack Dry Dog Food


We feed and recommend Eagle Pack Pet Products because:

  1. they use all natural, quality human-grade ingredients
  2. they do not use pesticides on their grains
  3. and they use the 3 Most Digestible Meat Proteins.

We feed the Power Formula and raw meat during the working season, and a mix of the Power and Original Adult Formula during the summer. We also are currently using their Puppy Formula to wean our 2003 pups. (Click the image on the right to see a close up of our last purchase.) This winter we will be feeding the new ULTRA Power formula... click here to see what Martin Buser says about feeding ULTRA Power.

Eagle Pet Products, Inc. was originally founded in 1970, was re-launched by the Cocquyts in 1985. One of the company's claims to fame was that they were the first to introduce an extruded, meat-based diet, with no soy, and they made the meat the first-listed ingredient, not corn. To this highly digestible meat-based diet the company then included custom supplements, known today as wellness ingredients or nutraceuticals. (The wellness nutraceutical ingredients include prebiotics like beet pulp and chicory root extract, as well as yogurt type probiotics, digestive enzymes, Omega 3 fatty acids, AQUA-C™, The Science of Sequestering™, kelp, yucca, the 3 primary antioxidants, glucosamine and natural preservatives.)  All Eagle Pack diets contain most of these supplements. Recent introductions also include fruits and veggies and organically grown ingredients.


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Eagle Pet Products, Inc.
1011 W. 11th Street
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Ph: 800-255-5959

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